Adult Birthday Party Themes

Adult birthday party themes to give you fun celebration ideas for your special day to come.

These are popular adult theme party ideas for birthdays. Take A look and see which one you think suits you the best.

Kids aren’t the only ones who like to have A birthday blast! Throw them out for this one cause it’s grown up time.

Scroll Through These Most Popular Adult Birthday Ideas 3 Parties!

Casino Theme Party Ideas

adult birthday party themesBring the casino home to you and leave Vegas in the dust!. The best thing about this kind of party is the fun games & drinks.

A few things your could do to make this party really fun, Is to rent some slot machines and table games as the activities.Table games like poker, blackjack, and roulette can make your party feel authentic.

Casino theme party ideas for an all out Las Vegas feeling birthday bash! It’s up to you Real Cash or play chips.

“Bring the casino games and tasty buffets to you”.Tell guests to dress up in costumes like queen of hearts or make it a masked event!

It’s up to you to decide if you want your party Classy, Fun and Wacky, or a Sexy Casino Party with strip poker games! And so on. Make it feel and look authentic. Get professional card dealers for casino table games.

Maybe some of your guests will volunteer to deal the casino games. Celebrate your casino birthday party at home, hotel ballroom, or a banquet hall. You can set your party up for indoors or outside.

Cocktail Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

adult birthday party themesadult birthday party themesadult birthday party themes

Make this A elegant and formal event or A causal affair all about the cocktails. Make A list or menu of the the cocktails that are served for the guests.

It’s wise to serve about 3 to 4 different varieties of mixed cocktail drinks. Have A friend or family member volunteer to be A bartender.

If no volunteers then premix all your cocktails and serve them in beverage dispensers at A self serve drink station. Hang A banner over the drink station. Place small cards at or on each dispenser so guests can know the type of flavor that resides inside. A cool theme for A cocktail party is the Cocktail & Cupcake Party .

Safari Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

adult birthday party themesadult birthday party themesadult birthday party themes

Me Tarzan you Jane haha! This safari theme can go anywhere you want it to. Create A jungle scene with cutouts of animals in the jungle, monkeys, lions, zebras, toucans, and more!

Place fake palm trees around with plenty of vines and leafs. How about dressing up like Jane or Tarzan and telling guests to wear jungle clothing or costumes.

Fake waterfalls look cool and placing the buffet foods with A hut overhead look awesome to the safari party theme. Serve A fruit bar with pineapples, coconuts, bananas, and other tropical fruits. Maybe make fruit kabobs yummy. A nice grilled meal goes good for A safari party.