40th Birthday Gifts for Him

Coming up with 40th birthday gifts for him can actually be quite easy, as all you need to do to find ideas is to look outside your window and see his car sitting in the driveway.

Of all the 40th birthday gifts that you can get him, car gifts will be the best gifts for 40th birthday boys – or men, really – and you will find that a car gift is probably the 40th birthday gift that he will find the most useful. There are many awesome gifts that you can get him for his car, so check out the list of ideas below to find a few great gift ideas for his 40th birthday:

The Best 40th Birthday Gifts for Him

    • Mini vacuum – Keeping the car clean is a serious chore, especially if you have kids. If he is the kind of man that likes to keep his car very tidy, a mini vacuum cleaner is the perfect gift for him. It will enable him to always keep the carpet clean, and he can easily get rid of all the junk from his car. The battery powered vacuum cleaner is easy to charge by plugging it into a socket in the garage, and it will always be handy for him to suck up all the dirt and debris that would mess up his car! For practical car gifts, it doesn’t get much better than this.
    • Car cleaning kit – Most guys like to spend a bit of time on the weekends polishing their car, applying a fresh coat of wax and giving it a good scrub. If your husband likes to keep his car nice and clean, a car cleaning kit will be a practical present that he will love. You can get him a variety of car cleaning items, such as a sponge, a Sham-wow cloth, a soft chamois, car wax, and anything else you can think of, and pack it inside a plastic bucket that he can use to wash the car.
    • Funny bumper stickers – If he is the kind of guy that enjoys a bit of humor, there are all kinds of funny bumper stickers that you can get him. These stickers will be perfect for the man who wants to add some fun to his car, and he will be able to paste these stickers on his bumper for all to see. You can find a lot of stickers online, or you can check novelty gift stores to find a plethora of funny bumper stickers that will make the perfect 40th birthday gifts for your man!
    • Sun Visor organizer – Driving takes a lot of his attention, which makes it hard for him to find a new CD, his sunglasses, or other items without taking his eyes off the road. If you want to make it easier for him, you may want to get him the sun visor organizer – the perfect handy tool to help him keep his car neat and organized. The sun visor organizer is a simple cloth pocket that goes on the sun visor, and it has a number of smaller pockets and slots where he can stick all of those things that he wants to keep in the car.
    • Driving sunglasses – If he spends a lot of time on the road, it can be hard for him to stay awake if he is constantly squinting when the sun is bright overhead. Rather than allowing him to be in danger, why not give him a pair of driving sunglasses? They will help to keep the sun out of his eyes, but will ensure that his view isn’t obscured or modified – which is very common with sunglasses that use glass that is too dark. They will also help to protect his eyes from UV rays, and will be one of the best presents that you can give him.
    • Car freshener – The car is a place where the average man spends a lot of time, so it often ends up smelling like his cologne, like old food wrappers, or like the food that your kids spilled on the car seat. A good idea of a present to give him is a nice car freshener, which will help to make the car smell nice. You can choose the manly scents that he likes, or you can even get his car a “New Car” air freshener that will make it smell brand new.
    • Bluetooth – Your man is probably fairly interested in all kinds of gadgets and devices that you aren’t familiar with, but Bluetooth devices are easy to use. You can get him just about any Bluetooth ear piece, which will allow him to talk on the phone while driving. Seeing as the law says that he can’t hold the phone in his hands anyways, getting him a nice Bluetooth device will enable him to talk hands-free and feel very stylish about it!
    • Mini car speaker – A good pair of car speakers can enable him to play his favorite music straight from his phone or iPod, rather than having to listen to the radio. It will make it easier for him to enjoy what he wants to listen to, as he will be able to play the music on the mini car speaker. These speakers are nice and cheap, and they are fairly compact. They connect simply via Bluetooth, and will be one of the best choices if your man prefers his own music or an audiobook to the radio.
    • Car chargers – It can be hard for men to remember to charge their phones overnight, so what happens when he goes out of the house and finds that his phone battery is almost dead? Rather than having to rush home to get the charger, you can get him a nice car charger that will enable him to keep all of his mobile devices charged. If he owns an iPod, iPhone, and/or an iPad, you can get an Apple car charger, which will make it easy for him to keep all of his devices fully powered.
    • Battery auto jump charger – There are always going to be times when he forgets to turn off the lights, or there may be a leak in your car battery. Rather than having to call a tow truck or flag someone down to give him a jump, giving him a Car Auto battery jump charger will be a great gift for him. The battery charger contains a small battery that will have enough power to give him a charge, and it can be easily recharged at home by plugging it in. He will never have to worry about ending up stranded with no way to jump start the car thanks to this practical gift.
    • Car plug converter – If he spends a lot of time driving the kids around, no doubt he would appreciate a bit of peace and quiet in the back of the car. One great gift that you can get him for his 40th birthday is the gift of a car converter, which he can use to plug in a laptop or TV screen for the kids in the back. The converter is hooked up to the car battery, and it will enable him to entertain the kids in the back and keep them as quiet as possible while he drives.
    • Car DVD player – If you really want to give your man something practical that will guarantee hours of entertainment for the kids, a car DVD player will be the perfect choice. The car DVD player is connected to a converter just like the plug, and he can keep the kinds entertained with all of their favorite movies, cartoons, and TV shows.
    • GPS – He may never admit that he gets lost, but rest assured that all men do need a helping hand now and again when it comes to directions. A GPS device will be an amazingly practical gift that he is guaranteed to use, even though he may not use it around you due to his pride at being able to get around without needing directions. A GPS device will help him to avoid getting lost, and will ensure that he can always find his way home or to his destination without obstinately spending hours driving in circles.
  • Rechargeable tire inflator – Flat tires are the bane of a busy man, as he will have to stop, jack up the car, and change the tire before he can get back on the road. If he doesn’t have a spare or the spare is damaged, it can add to the headache. However, with a rechargeable tire inflator, he can always fill up the tires. This battery powered tire inflator uses 230 PSI to fill the tires with more than enough air, and he can use it to give him just enough time to get to the gas station or mechanic to get his tire fixed.

These gifts are practical and perfect for a man who loves his car!