50th Birthday Gifts for Him

The beauty of 50th birthday gifts for him is that they can all be very practical, as your husband or father is no doubt at a point in his life when he wants practical gifts rather than fun or entertainment-oriented gifts.

However, if you want to give him special personalized birthday gifts for him, these personalized gifts for him below will help you to come up with an idea of what the best birthday present for him will be. These birthday gifts for him will be perfect for a man his age, and they will be a thoughtful gift that will be practical for work or for the home.

The Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Him

Electric Corkscrew – If there is one thing that makes an evening pleasant, it is a nice glass of wine. However, rather than making him have to work to open the bottle, why not give him this electric corkscrew to make opening that bottle of wine a whole lot easier? The electric corkscrew is surprisingly strong, meaning that it will be easily able to open the bottle. However, you won’t need to worry about broken corks or bottles, as it is designed to quickly open the bottle with as little risk of breaking anything as possible! All in all, if your man likes wine, this is the best gift for him.

Golf Accessories — Golfers are always looking for ways that they can improve their game, and the truth is that golf is basically one expense after another. If you want to give your golfing husband a good birthday gift, why not consider some golfing accessories as the perfect present? You may not want to get him a golf cart, but you can get him something simple like a new set of golf clubs, a pair of golf gloves, a new pair of golfing shoes, a range finder, or a wind gauge. All of these things will help him to improve his game, and he will be very thankful for such a practical present.

Gym Membership – Just because he is turning 50, that doesn’t mean that he needs to get out of shape. In fact, it is recommended that he makes an extra effort to keep his body in good form, and giving him a gym membership is a good way to ensure that he does so. It will be a present that he will like, as he will have a year’s access to a gym where he can go either before or after work. Most guys will not get themselves a gym membership if they don’t think it’s important enough, but by getting it for him you can be sure that he is making it a priority to stay healthy and fit.

Tuff Shed – If there is one thing that guys always do, it is collect tools and items that they can use to build and make little home improvements around the house. However, your garage may be totally cluttered with those things, and it may be time for you to give him a Tuff Shed as a birthday present. This shed is made out of solid plastic, and it will be the perfect place for him to store all of the things that he wants to keep for building and home improvement projects. It isn’t too expensive to get one of these sheds, but it will be an incredibly practical gift.

Season Tickets – No doubt your husband or father is a major fan of a sports club, either professional or amateur. If you want to give him a practical gift that he will very much enjoy, you may find that season tickets for the team of his choice will be the best choice. It is a present that he is sure to use often, and he can use the tickets for bragging rights at the office. They may be a bit costly, but it will be worth it to see his face light up when he sees all the games he can attend!

Vacation-on-Kooh-MookVacation –A vacation is something that every hard-working man needs, and it may be the perfect birthday present on his 50th birthday. If he has been talking about getting away to some place for many years, it may be that he doesn’t think it will work out. If you can get the vacation all set up, he will be able to enjoy a wonderful holiday at his dream destination – alone or with you! It will give him a nice break from work, and will help him to keep his eyes on the goal of being able to retire a few years of hard work from now.

Action Figure – An action figure may not sound like the kind of gift that your serious man may enjoy, but rest assured that even he has a bit of child still left in him. If he had a comic book character or superhero that he was a fan of when he was a child (or even now), it can be a great little gift to give him. He can take the superhero action figure to work, and he can display it proudly on his desk. It makes a cute little decoration, and will help to inspire him at work.

Novelty Office Supplies – Just because he needs a stapler, pencils, pens, and scissors at the office, it doesn’t mean that they have to be all practical items. If you want to give him a gift that he will enjoy both for its appearance and its functionality, novelty office supplies are the perfect choice. There are all kinds of gag joke items that he can use around the office, and they will be important office supplies that he will need. However, they will be funny and entertain him, and he will be amazed that you thought of such a fun and practical gift for him!

Heated Footrest – Just because he has to spend hours sitting in the office, that doesn’t mean that he needs to be uncomfortable. If the weather drops in your town, it may be a good idea to get him a heated footrest. These footrests give him a comfortable place where he can rest his feet while working during the day, and the fact that it’s heated means that his feet will always be nice and warm no matter what he’s doing. It will be the perfect gift to help him stay warm and comfy during winter!

Personalized USB device – There are all kinds of cute and funny little USB drives, such as the USB flash drive that doubles as a spy pen or a rocket launcher. These gifts will be perfect for your man who enjoys a bit of fun at the office, and will serve as a perfectly functional USB flash drive for him to be able to store all of his information. This gift is a nice combination of function and form, and it will be a fun present that he is sure to get hours of use out of!

Levitating Globe – For those who want their office to look elegant, a levitating globe is quite the perfect present. It will be a fancy little gift that you can give your man, and it is sure to add a bit of spice to his office. It will look great as it sits on his desk, and it will be an excellent little decoration. The globe is supported by magnets, and it is an awesome gift that will add the perfect touch to his office.

Fancy Pen – Pens are incredibly important in the workplace, but who says that you have to stick with a boring BIC pen like everyone else has? If you want your man to look his best in all meetings or business events, giving him an elegant fountain pen or an engraved ballpoint will be a great way to give him a touch of fashion that he can always carry around with him. These pens are incredibly practical, but they will be a fancy gift that is guaranteed to be a hit with your man!

Car and Office Thermos – Just because he’s rushing out of the house, that doesn’t mean that he can’t enjoy a nice steaming cup of coffee on the way to work. A very practical gift that you can give him is a thermos that will be perfect for using in the car and office. The thermos top is completely spill resistant, and yet the spout for drinking can be opened at the press of a button. For those who like to drink coffee on the way to work but don’t want to have to deal with spills, this is the perfect present. There is no risk of spills while driving or drinking, and it will make it easier for him to drink his coffee no matter how much of a hurry he’s in.

These cute little presents are just a few of the 50th birthday gifts for him, and the truth is that there dozens more practical gifts that you can give him!