60th Birthday Gifts for Him

Coming up with ideas of 60th birthday gifts for him can actually be surprisingly easy, as now that he is retired or about to retire he will have a lot more time on his hands.

Most guys start getting into outdoorsy things when they retire, as they enjoy doing things like fishing, camping, grilling, etc. If you want an awesome 60th birthday gift for him, you’ve come to the right page. Here you will find a whole list of awesome gift ideas that you can use to get him a perfect gift for his 60th birthday…

The Best 60th Birthday Gifts for Him

Garden tools — Working out in the garden can be a whole lot easier with a simple set of garden tools. The set can include a spade, a pair of work gloves, a stool to sit on, a package of plants, and so on. It can be a simple yet practical gift that you can give your handsome man who is celebrating his 60th birthday, and will encourage him to get out of the house and make progress in your garden. You will find that it will be a great gift that he will appreciate, especially if he is the kind of man who enjoys doing things out of doors.

BBQ Grill – For the man who has it all, a BBQ grill is the only thing that will be missing. Even if he has a grill, it may be time for an upgrade. You will find that a brand new grill will be the perfect choice for him, as he will be able to use it to make the best BBQs possible. You may want to sound him out to find out if he would prefer an electric, coal, or propane grill, as that way you can be sure that he will get exactly what he wants. Either way, it’s guaranteed to light up his face!

Survival Kit – If he is the kind of guy who likes to go camping or spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, the Survival Kit is the perfect present for him. He can use it when going mountain biking, camping, fishing, or hiking, as it contains all the little items that will come in very handy in case of an emergency. It will have a road flare, a length of rope, a multi-tool, a small rain cape, and a few other items – all of which will help him to survive in an emergency situation. It is the perfect gift for an outdoor man!

Fishing and Camping Cooling Chair – If his idea of going out of doors is heading to the lake behind your house to catch some fish or putting up a tent in the local wildlife parks, this Fishing and Camping Cooling Chair will be the best present for him. The chair will hold his weight comfortably, but built into the chair is a smaller cooler where he can store his sandwiches and beverages. Fishing and camping has never been easier or more comfortable for him, as he will always be able to keep his drinks cold and his sandwiches at the perfect temperature – no matter how many hours he spends in the sun.

GPS Sports Watch – Many men like to go out into the wild at this age, as they are able to spend a lot of time walking or hiking without needing to get back to work the next day. If your man has taken up walking or hiking, this GPS sports watch will be the perfect gift for him. He will be able to walk, cycle, or hike out into the middle of nowhere, but he will never be lost thanks to this amazing watch that comes with GPS positioning and a compass. It will always help him to come back home, making it the perfect gift for your outdoorsy man!

Hang Gliding Lesson – Just because he’s turned 60, that doesn’t mean that all the excitement has to be drained from his life. In fact, chances are he’s interested in doing more exciting and crazy things at this age, and it may be that he will appreciate the gift of a hang gliding lesson or two. He will be able to go up in the hang glider, and he will love the thrill of the earth way below him as he soars through the air. If your man is an adventurous one, this is the present that will set his heart thumping!

Digital Camera Swimming Mask – Many guys love to hit the beaches or go on beach resort holidays when they retire, and it may be time that you man is getting ready to do some swimming at the beach. If so, this is the perfect gift for him, as he will be able to take amazing underwater pictures with this digital camera swimming mask. It is a perfectly functional mask, but it features a digital camera built into it. Not only can he enjoy all of those moments at the beach, but he can capture them in a photo as well.

Lifeproof iPhone Case – The iPhone is probably one of the most commonly used mobile phones by men and women alike, but it is not as durable as he may want if he is going to go on an outdoor adventure. If you give him the Lifeproof iPhone case, however, he won’t have to worry about any damage being done to the phone. The case is the ultimate adventurer’s tool for iPhone users, as it will protect their phone against just about anything. It is resistant to shocks, falls, water, heat, cold, and anything else that he may encounter while out on an adventure, so it is one of the best gifts that you can give him.

Leatherman – A leatherman is a tool originally created to be used by electricians, but it has quickly morphed into one of the most useful outdoor tools for just about any kind of guy. If he likes to go camping, fishing, hiking, boating, or even just doing some gardening in the yard, the Leatherman will be the perfect tool for him. They are a bit costly, but they will be the best tool around to help him fix a tire, change a light fixture, or gut a fish.

Mountain Bike – Fitness doesn’t have to decline once you are retired, but you may find that your man will love the present of a mountain bike. He will be able to cycle all around town on his bike, or he can take it out into the middle of nowhere and explore the amazing wonders of the wildlife around your city. It will be an excellent gift that will help him to stay in touch with the outdoors, and will contribute to his continued fitness.

Solar Power Charger – No doubt your man enjoys a bit of comfort as he spends time camping, such as watching TV, listening to music, using an electric griddle, and so on. Rather than having to depend on a gas generator, a solar power charger can be just the thing that will make it easier for him to have the best of both rural and urban worlds. He will be able to haul around all of those items that help him to enjoy eating good food and watching TV while out camping, but with none of the noise or pollution that accompanies gas generators.

Hunting Rifle – If you live anywhere in the country where there is hunting nearby, it is probable that your man has developed an interest in hunting – but hasn’t had the time to do much of it. A hunting rifle can be an excellent present, and will encourage him to take up his passion.

These are just a few ideas, and there are many more wonderful outdoor gift ideas that you can find online and in stores that your man will appreciate for his 60th birthday.