Birthday Gifts for Dad

Birthday gifts for Dad can be hard to choose, as you may have no idea what Dad will want on this special day. If you don’t know what special birthday gifts he will like best, it’s going to be hard to choose the best gifts for Father’s Day, too! Here is a list of some awesome birthday gifts for Dads, and these gifts will also help you to find good Father’s Day gifts as well. These birthday gifts can be useful for him all year around, and they will be the best Father’s Day or birthday gifts that he is guaranteed to appreciate!

The Best Birthday Gifts for Dad:

Whisky Companion – For Dads who like to drink a bit of whisky of an evening, but who just hate how the ice waters down their drink, the Whisky Companion is the perfect gift for him. Rather than being those famous Whisky Stones, this gift is a nice little ice cube mold that he can use to make the perfect round Ice Cube Stones. These round ice cubes will be the perfect thing to chill his whisky, but it won’t melt too quickly thanks to the round shape of the ice cube. It is an incredibly practical gift, and one that he is guaranteed to love!

Espresso Maker – If there is one thing that almost all Dads love, it is a nice steaming cup of coffee in the morning. However, it can be annoying to try and make a cup of coffee with that 5 year old machine that spills everywhere, so it may be time to give Dad an upgrade. One of the best gifts for Dads will be a brand new espresso maker, a machine that will produce those deliciously strong cups of coffee that just taste great! You will find that Dad will love the gift, and it will be the thing to get him started in the morning.

TV Show – Spending time with your father in front of the TV is something that many people remember and treasure, and you can give yourself the gift of time with Dad while giving your father the perfect birthday gifts for him: A TV show that you can watch together. There are dozens of awesome TV shows coming out every year, and no doubt you can find at least one that you can watch together. Find something he would like to watch, and spend time sitting in front of the TV watching it together!

Cologne – If Dad has used Brut or Old Spice for the last 30 years, it may be time to give him a nice upgrade! One of the best special birthday gifts or Father’s Day gifts that you can give him will be a new fragrance or a cologne that he hasn’t used before. It will take a bit of time for you to find the right fragrance for him, as you will need to find which of the flowery, sweet, or fresh scents fit him the best. However, it will be worth the time, as Dad will smell great when you finally find the right one!

Poker Table – Dad needs his time with his friends, and a good Poker table is just the thing to give him that time. A simple poker table usually comes with six or 8 sides, depending on the number of players that you want to include. You can even buy him a whole poker set along with the poker table, as that way he will be able to show it off to his friends – giving you a nice night off to go out with your own friends while he is entertained!

Elegant Journal – Dad may not be the kind of person to write down his thoughts, but you might be surprised at how useful a journal can be for Dad. He may end up putting down a few scribbles now and again, or he may actually begin to keep a journal as part of his self-improvement efforts. An even more practical gift will be an elegant journal and calendar, which he can use to both keep his thoughts and the things he has to do the next day!

Image result for Luxury WatchLuxury Watch – It is likely that your dad already has a watch, but no doubt it’s the same one that he’s been wearing for a few years. You don’t have to get him a watch to replace the one that he already has, but you can get him one that he can wear for special occasions. A luxury watch will be an excellent birthday gift for Dad, as it will be a fancier watch that will look great on his wrist no matter what he’s doing!

BBQ Thermometer – Sometimes the best birthday gifts for Dad are the ones that he wants, and a BBQ Thermometer is the perfect thing for your Dad who loves to fire up the grill on the weekends. The BBQ thermometer serves a number of purposes, and there are all kinds of models with many different functions. Some can tell you exactly how cooked the inside of a thick steak is, while others will let Dad know when it’s time to turn over the burgers according to the heat inside the grill. It will be an excellent gift, and one that Dad is sure to use when he next fires up the grill!

Electronic Return Putting Mat – If Dad is a bit of a golfer, he will love this gift! In fact, any man will love this gift, regardless of whether or not they like to golf. The mat is basically a long putting mat with a hole at the end, but it is designed to automatically return the ball to you when you sink it. It will be a fun little gift for him to use at the office or at home to relax, or it can be one that will help him to work on his putts. Either way, he’s guaranteed to love it!

Grooming Kit – This may sound a bit silly, but a grooming kit may be just the thing that he needs this birthday or Father’s Day. He probably spends a lot more time dealing with his beard or facial hair than he wants, but the present of a brand new elegant razor, a beard trimming kit, and even a nose trimmer will be an excellent present that he is sure to use to keep his face nice and clean!

Image result for Noise Isolation HeadphonesNoise Isolation Headphones – There are guaranteed to be times when all he wants to do is shut out all the noise around him, as that way he will be able to focus on his gardening, carpentry, or hobbies.You can make it possible for Dad to find a bit of piece by giving him a set of noise isolation headphones, both in the over the ear studio style and the ear bud headphone style. By giving Dad the gift of silence, you are helping him to find that peace and quiet that he wants on the weekends – giving him a break after a week of hard work!

Fogless Shower Mirror – Many men like to shave in the shower, but it can be annoying to try and shave when the heat of the shower causes the glass to fog. This fogless shower mirror is actually the perfect gift for Dad, as it will be the perfect thing to make shaving in the shower easy. It is designed to avoid being fogged up, and he will always be able to see his reflection clearly – making it easier for him to shave no matter how hot the water is or how much steam is floating around!

Image result for iPhone PrinteriPhone Printer – If Dad likes to print out the pictures that he takes with his phone, this is the perfect gift for him. This printer can produce excellent quality photos, which will make it easier for him to get his photos hung on his wall without needing to remove them from the phone, take them to a print shop, and pay for them to be printed. All he needs to do is place his iPhone on the dock, and start printing easily and quickly!

iPod Dock – For Dads who like to listen to music, the iPod Dock is the perfect gift. He can easily use the dock anywhere around the house, connecting it to the TV or to your computer sound system. It will actually make it a lot easier for him to use his iDevices, as they can instantly be connected without the need to plug anything else in!

Fancy Sunglasses – If Dad likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, no doubt he is tired of squinting when the sun is bright in the sky. He probably has a pair of sunglasses that he uses when he’s outside, but it may be time to get him a pair of fancy sunglasses that will be more stylish than functional. This is an excellent gift that he is guaranteed to love, as it is incredibly practical and yet will make him look great!

Swiss Army Knife –A Swiss Army Knife is the ultimate man tool, but it gets even better if you can find the model that comes with a Cigar Trimmer on it. Thanks to this tool, your Dad can always be prepared for anything — from changing a light switch to smoking a cigar to opening a beer bottle!

These are a few birthday gifts for Dad, and you will find that the items listed here may be just what he will appreciate most this year!