Different Types Of Birthday Gifts For Husband

Women are easy people to shop for when looking at birthday gifts. A box of chocolates, flowers, stuffed animal, or a sweet poem all work just fine. Men on the other hand are a little more complicated when it comes to figuring out the perfect birthday gifts for husband. Finding the right birthday gift for a husband can be tough year after year. But if you can determine the kind of guy your husband is, you can create a genre of gifts where the possibilities are endless. Most men will fit into one of the five next groups. This will make it much simple to find the best birthday gifts for husband’s. Sports husbands is the first genre. These are husbands who are interested in one or more sports. Business men is the next type of husband. These are hardworking husbands who spend a lot of time in the office. Outdoors men is the next kind. These are types of men who love to survive outside. Music men is the next. These are men who have a deep passion for an instrument or type of music. Artsy men is the last type. These husbands are men who are interested in a certain art form. After determining which type of guy your guy is, you can begin to brainstorm the perfect birthday gifts for husband.

Sports men are the kinds of guys who will sit down and flip the television onto ESPN, or for fun go out to sports games. Most likely this kind of guy already has a jersey of his favorite player on his favorite team. So what other birthday gifts for husband can you get? Depending on the sport, you can get him a piece of equipment (such as a football for football, hockey stick for hockey, or baseball for baseball) that is designed with his favorite team’s logo on it. Even better put it on a plaque or in a glass box for a great decoration for the man cave or business desk. These types of birthday gifts for husband will make them so happy. There’s a sports store in almost every mall that sells clocks, bumper stickers, and other fun things with team logos on them. Anything that shows his team pride will make a great birthday gift for a husband. If money allows another wonderful birthday gift for a husband who loves sports would be tickets to his favorite team. If you buy tickets in advance you can save on the cost. To ensure he can go perhaps purchase the tickets for a game that takes place a month or so after his birthday. There are an endless amount of birthday gifts for husband you can think of!

Tickets are another wonderful idea for music men. If your husband loves music concert tickets as birthday gifts for your husband will be amazing. Guys who really enjoy one band or genre of music will almost always be excited to receive tickets to a concert. It can make the perfect birthday gift for a husband who loves music. But what band or singer should they see? Most performers will tour frequently, and within the next five months or so may be coming to your area. First look up his favorite performer to see if they will be coming to an area near yours soon. If they are it’s perfectly acceptable to a buy a ticket as a birthday gift for your husband three to five months in an advance, even if his birthday is within the coming week. Again it will save money, and also give him time to make the right arrangements. If you don’t have the money to afford tickets to a concert, they can get costly, more great gifts are band t-shirts or CDs (granted he doesn’t already have them all). But if you’d like to go more along the costly route again for a birthday gift for your husband, an iPod with his favorite tunes already downloaded can make an awesome personalized gift. Is your husband more interested in an instrument than a band? Visit your local music store and talk to the cashier about accessories for the instrument he owns. There is almost always “one more thing” he could have to spruce it up a bit. Guitar picks for a guitar loving guy make a perfect birthday gift for a husband.

Music men often blend into artsy men, but the artsy guy genre takes on more than just music. Guys who enjoy cooking, painting, photography, and other crafts would include those in the artsy men gifts. Look at your husband’s specific artistic hobbies to find supplies that you know he could use. If your husband loves cooking why not get him some new grilling tools, or better yet a new grill as a birthday gift. If he loves painting or some other visual creation art, get paints, pencils, sketch pads or other supplies. Has he taken a bunch of wonderful photographs or painted a bunch of beautiful pictures? Why not surprise him by taking the best ones and getting them framed? Take the things he enjoys and find the perfect birthday gift for your husband.

Some men just very simply enjoy the outdoors. Hiking, fishing, biking, and hunting are just a few of the wonders of nature. For these guys anything that involves equipment for their hobbies can make a great birthday gift for a husband. If your guy absolutely loves being outdoors think of getting him a tent or an extra-large outside sleeping bag for you both to cuddle under the stars in. If he loves fishing a new fishing pole, fishing line, hooks, or tackle box can all make great inexpensive birthday gifts for husbands. He’d rather hunt? Try a new camouflage outfit, bullets, duck call, or some other hunting device. A new pair of tennis shoes or boots are always a great idea if you don’t know what he already has. Real outdoors guys can always use a new pair of shoes or boots- they wear out quick and would make awesome birthday gifts for your husband.

Does your guy shine shoes right when they get dirty? Then he must be more of a business man type. It’s always nice to have a guy with so much passion and ambition for what he does, but sometimes with his lack of extra hobbies it’s hard to know what to get him. A great way to bring the home to the office is with a personalized coffee cup, picture frame, name plaque, or pencil holder as birthday gifts for your husband. A pen engraved with his name or new leather wallet are great inexpensive birthday gifts for a husband that he’ll carry with him everywhere. All suit wearing men could use more ties. Try to stick with more professional looking ones in an array of blues, greens, and perhaps holiday themes. Birthday gifts for husbands possibilities are endless!

Here are some more birthday gift ideas for husband:

Wireless Earbuds – When he’s out and about, no doubt the last thing that he wants to think about is trying to untangle some dang cord that keeps getting all twisted. He wants to listen to his music, and he wants to do it without any hassle! The perfect gift for him will be a set of wireless ear bud headphones. These headphones will help to block out the noise and will pipe his music straight into his ears, but with none of the fuss of having to untangle headphones. They don’t require a cable to be connected to his portable media device, and are as hassle free as it gets!

Image result for Car GPSCar GPS –Yes, he doesn’t like to ask for directions, as that’s what manly men just don’t do. If he still tends to get lost, a Car GPS will be the perfect gift to give him, as it will help him to find his way without bruising his manly ego. A car GPS will ensure that he can always locate his destination and get there as easily as possible, but it will only be a backup “in case something goes wrong”. This way you can always reach your destination without spending hours driving around lost, but you don’t have to tell him!

Multitool – For men who are handy with their hands, a multi-tool like a Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife will be the perfect manly gift for him. The tool will come with a wide range of individual tools, such as Allen keys, a screwdriver, a pocket knife, an LED flashlight, and many more items. This tool will help him to be prepared for just about anything, and he will always be able to have that one tool that will get the job done just right!

Grill Tools –If there is one thing that all ‘real men’ do, it is grilling their own meat. A manly man needs a BBQ grill, but he doesn’t always feel he needs all the tools that help him to get the job done easily. If you want to give your man a present that he will be able to use, a set of grilling tools will be just the thing. This list of tools can include tongs, a grilling spatula, a grilling fork, a BBQ thermometer, and even a solid wooden cutting board. As long as they’re manly tools to use for grilling, he’ll love them!

Image result for Beer Making KitBeer Making Kit – If he is a manly man that enjoys his beer, why not give him the chance to make his own at home? A beer making kit is the perfect present for a real manly man, as he will be able to brew his own beer at home and enjoy the fruit of his labors. Sure, the beer will probably taste pretty awful at first, but it will get better as he practices mixing the ingredients properly. It will be a gift that he is sure to enjoy, and it can even get you a free weekend to go out with the ladies!

Image result for iPhone HelicopteriPhone Helicopter – All manly men realize that they need a bit of fun in their lives, and they usually get that fun by watching sports. However, they are often just children in grown men’s bodies, so a child’s toy like an iPhone helicopter will be the perfect thing for them. All they have to do is sync the helicopter up with their iPhone, and their mobile phone will suddenly become a remote control thaImage result for Adventure-proof Watcht they can use to pilot their new toy. It is guaranteed to be hours of fun for him!

Adventure-proof Watch –If he is the kind of manly man that likes outdoor adventures, the watch that he has is probably going to take a bit of a beating when he goes mountain cycling, rock climbing, scuba diving, or deep sea fishing. You can get him an adventure-proof watch, which is basically a watch that is made to bear up under a whole lot of punishment. Victorinox makes one of these fancy watches, which is the perfect balance between good-looking and damage-resistant!

Image result for Waterproof MP3 playerWaterproof MP3 player – If he enjoys listening to music while out on his boat, a waterproof MP3 player is probably just the thing that he will love! It is the perfect thing for him to be able to listen to his tunes no matter what he’s doing, even if he’s fishing or going for his daily swim in the pool. With a good set of waterproof headphones, he is ready to do just about anything while still being able to enjoy his music!

Cordless Car Waxer – Most manly men pay close attention to their cars, and a Cordless Car Waxer can be just the thing to help him show his baby (the car, not you) just how much he loves her. The Cordless Car Waxer will enable him to keep the car looking shiny and polished at all times, but without the need to plug it into a power source. The battery-powered device will help him to keep his car clean with as little hassle as possible!

Image result for Battery Powered SpeakersBattery Powered Speakers – Listening to music while on his boat or out camping can be a challenge, but a good pair of battery powered speakers will be just the thing. He can use them while fiddling in his shed, taking care of the lawn, or going for a fishing trip, as they are powered by batteries and don’t require a power source to work. It can be a good way for him to always have his music handy, as he can plug in his iPhone or MP3 player and listen to his favorite tunes no matter where he is!

Image result for Traveling Laptop CaseTraveling Laptop Case – If he is always on the road, a sturdy laptop case may be just what he needs to protect his computer from being damaged. Many men are less than careful with their portable electronics, and he may end up damaging his computer as he accidentally bangs it around at the airport or bus station. A solid laptop case will help him to protect his important computer, ensuring that it lasts as long as possible.

Image result for Golf Range FinderGolf Range Finder –Golfing isn’t always considered a manly sport, but many manly men enjoy it. If your man is a golfer, a range finder will be just the thing that he could use to help him send that shot flying just right!

Of the Month club – There are dozens of “Item of the Month” clubs that you can sign him up for, such as Steak of the Month, Beer of the Month, Bacon of the Month, etc. He is guaranteed to love these clubs, as he will have something tasty delivered to his doorstep every month. It may be a fairly costly gift, but it is one that is will definitely love!

No matter what your husband loves, he’ll love his birthday gift even more if you add a personal touch. If you have kids a wonderful idea is to have them sign whatever birthday gift you got for your husband. A football, band t-shirt, grilling tools, tackle box, and coffee mug are all great things to have your kids sign to their hearts desire. Just you? Write a cute message to remind him how much you care. No matter what birthday gift for your husband you purchase, it’s the thought that counts. Think through what he enjoys and find something that shows him you care about his passions too. Coming from a wife who cares enough to get something so personal, he’s bound to love whatever wonderful birthday gifts your husband receives.