Last Minute Birthday Gifts

Finding last minute birthday gifts can be challenging, but not beyond impossible.  There are lots of things you can do to get a great last minute birthday gift. Remember to keep smiling, and nobody will guess that you may have had to scramble.

Prepare in Advance for the Challenge

Avoid feeling frazzled by the last minute birthday gifts challenge, by keeping the following shopping tips in mind.

Where Do You Normally Go? Don’t vary your normal shopping routine to look for a gift.  If you already have to go to the grocery store, department store or hardware store, look for gifts there.  They often have things that you can purchase and wrap up nicely.

Keep a Mental List: Keep a mental list of the sorts of things your friends and relatives like, and use this list for last minute gift ideas. Also keep a mental list of interesting or specialty shops you encounter in your travels, as well as good online sites, so you already have ideas of places to shop

Time When You Shop: Don’t vary the time you shop for last minute gifts, if you shop on your lunch hour from work, then that’s when you shop for the last minute gift.

Shop Where You Are at the Time

The following places are good spots for finding last minute birthday gifts, if you find yourself passing through.

Coffee and Tea Shops: Often specialty coffee shops have gift baskets and interesting cups and mugs if you know the person is a coffee or tea lover.

Liquor Store: If your birthday person appreciates alcoholic beverages, liquors, wines and specialty beers make good last minute birthday gifts.  Often the liquor store sells gift bags, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping the present.

Local Restaurants: Many local restaurants sell gift cards for their establishment, or their baked goods and signature dishes are available for take out.

Art Gallery or Museums: Check out their gift shops for interesting gifts.

The Bank or ATM: Always a good source if you want to give money in a card.

Gas Station: Yes, the gas station can be a good source of lottery tickets to put in a card, candy, or an assortment of print materials such as magazines.

On-Line Last Minute Gifts

Shopping online is great for last minute birthday gifts. Order a gift and have it delivered to the birthday person with just a few key strokes. To save time, use the site’s tools for narrowing down your birthday person’s preferences, so that you are only presented with appropriate gift options.

Outings are Quickly Organized

Outings to a concert, exhibit or sporting event are great for last minute birthday gifts because tickets can be ordered online.  Print off the tickets, place them in a card and you have your gift ready in minutes.

You can deal with the last minute birthday gifts challenge by using shopping strategies, buying gifts where you happen to be at the time, or shopping online.